Wow, a new blog! I have finally decided to start a shop with my illustration products, I have been making cards for years for friends and family, each year I made a few extra cards and I have built up quite a stock of these. 

This is also kind of an experiment in starting up an online shop/business from scratch, I’ve set up a new instagram page, also new facebook page, so I’m interested to see how fast I can build this up, and what it takes.

Currently as this is really a christmas shop, I’ve possibly missed the boat slightly for 2021, but I am hoping to have everything raring to go and set up for 2022 – you have to plan ahead!

Also I do have non christmassy illustrations, so I’ll get these added to the shop at some point… (-_-) watch this space!

Pomegranate A6 card
Raven card
Snowflakes x 4 card
Fennec fox card