My name is Marianne Hazlewood - I am a graphic designer with littleangel design, and I am also a botanical artist, however this is my place to put up the illustrations that I have made over the years, some for fun, some for classes, a real mix. Some of them you may have seen before on xmas cards.


If you would like to buy one or more, most of them are available as originals just get in touch and I'll give you a price (-_-)


I have some xmas cards for sale on esty


If you would like to see my botanical paintings:



I am currently undertaking a Diploma in Botanical Illustration at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh (which is very exciting), I am putting up some snaps of my assignments and progress on flikr, if you are interested, why not take a look>> marianne hazlewood @ flikr

My graphic design work is here:


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